Seabed between the precise distance measuring device

Seabed between the precise distance measuring device

【Model number:ALP10-BSB14】

The range-finding device is structured the plural bottom of the sea standard station set up in the bottom of the sea and performs exact range-finding by the sound in between.
It is able to observe the distance variation at bottoms by using sound even not reaching electric waves.
This device didn't have any influence by the sound refraction for standing, and putting up a sound, range-finding department from the bottom of the sea and can perform range-finding to the distance more.
The measurement records exact distance result of a measurement by the correlative handling of waveform, a direction, an angle of inclination, temperature, the pressure (option) other than a record of reception wave pattern in itself at the same time, and observation more than it is possible using inside power supply for one year.
Furthermore, It has a sound transponder built-in, and a setting change of the bottom of the sea standard station and the confirmation of the measurement state are possible and let it separate an anchor at the time of of the measurement end .
The battery combination and release unit are option therefoe it is possible to change the features and shape according to setting situation.

Transmitting Freq
 Distinguish signal (Modulation) 10.204 (kHz)
 Header for range-finding signals 9.709 (kHz)
 Range-finding signals/sweep 10.000 (kHz)
Transmitting Power 180 (dB)
Receiving Freq(Distinguish signal) Ans-1 : 8.065 (kHz)
Ans-2 : 8.621 (kHz)
Ans-3 : 9.259 (kHz)
Ans-4 : 9.709 (kHz)
Max. Measurement distance 3,000 (m)
Max. Sound communication distance 10,000 (m)
Measurement range for azimuth 0~359.9 (°)
Measurement range for clinometer ±20.00 (°)
Measurement range for temparature 0~60 (℃) (0.001単位)
Measurement range for pressure gauge 0~9,000 (m) (0.001単位)
Memory cap


125,000 (計測) *Option増量可
Interface RS-232C
features 38.4(kBaud), 8(bit), Non-Parity, 2Stop


Measure : DC 9 (V)
Sound : DC 24 (V)
Power(Transponder) Receive : DC 9 (V)
Sound : DC 24 (V)
Release : DC 12 (V)