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Hydrogen Sensor (Franatech GmbH)

Hydrogen Sensor (Franatech GmbH)

Hydrogen Sensor (Franatech GmbH)

Franatech hydrogen sensors have no internal moving parts or pumps, hence lower failure risk and lower power drain.

Inherent to the technology, and also dependent on detector manufacturing and tuning, all parameters such as sensitivity, power consumption, response time and response behavior are linked together. Following specifications are indicative, we can select and tune the detectors to meet your requirements.
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Mechanical Specifications
Material Titanium
Weight in air:0.8kg/in water:0.5kg
Depth rating 4000m


Electrical Specifications
Power supply DC9-36V
Consumption 165mA @ 12VDC


Calibration Ranges
Concentration range 4-100 nano mol/l(typical)
Temperature range standard:2-20℃/optional:10-30℃
Output standard digital:RS485/analog:0-5V

Format Calibration formula:Franatech,universal

NOTE: Digital and analog outputs in parallel

Output optional digital:RS232,RS485/RS232 desktop converter


Format Calibration formula:Seabird SBE-probe SST CTD-probe Integrated(plug & play)

NOTE: With integrated formula no raw data available